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The Woodland Indian Art Show and Market is an art competition and market showcasing the unique artistic styles of Native Americans in the upper midwest and northeastern regions of the United States.

2015 Woodland Indian Art Show & Market
June 12 - 14, 2015
Radisson Hotel & Conference Center
2040 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313
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The Woodland Indian Art Show and Market has been produced for eight consecutive years by the non-profit organization Woodland Indian Art and a group of volunteers on the Oneida Reservation in Wisconsin.

Woodland Indian Art exists to expand the narrow understanding of Native American art by shining the light on the many Woodland Indian Artists who are breaking artistic barriers. We bring Woodland Indian Artists together to raise awareness of the distinct artistic styles and cultures of northern United States and Canada. We contribute to the growing economy of sales for their art work through the appreciation of their diversity.

The Oneida Tribe, the Oneida Nation Arts Program, the Oneida Tourism Department, and the Wisconsin Arts Board are generous supporters of the Art Show & Market each year. The Native American Tourism Of Wisconsin (NATOW) conference helped expand the activities and location of the Woodland Indian Art Show & Market. We appreciate the numerous sponsors of each artist award and the many volunteers. This event could not happen without the coordination and help of many people.

Those who work on this art show each year believe it is vital that native tribes hold onto their unique cultural identity by celebrating their respective art forms and styles.

Woodland Indian Arts Board of Directors

You Can Help

The Woodland Indian Art Board members are President Rae Skenandore, Vice-President Jennifer Hill-Kelly, Treasurer Loretta Webster, and board members John Breuninger, Brenda John Stevens and Kirby Metoxen.

Please help us in our important work with your tax-deductable donation.  We are a small but growing organization that hosts this vibrant cultural event by the generosity of individuals, business and supporting organizations.

Your donation will support the artist prizes, such as best-in-show, for the juried competition. It will also help artists who want to share their talents by offering art classes to the festival's general public. 

Our non-profit fiscal sponsor will provide you a letter in January, 2016, for your 2016 tax report. Your generous donation is just a click away.

Contact Us

For more information contact:
Loretta Webster
PO Box 116, Oneida WI 54155

For Woodland Indian Artists

Application packets are now available for the 2015 Woodland Inian Art Show. Use the link below to print the application. Fill it out and email or mail your completed application. You can pay your fees on paypal.

Native Artists participating in the Art Show & Market can apply for our teaching grant to provide a workshop for the public during the 2015 Art Show and Market.

Artist Promotion

An artist bio and picture are requested with the application. Atists in the 2015 Woodland Indian Art show and Market are promoted in the Art Show's program book. Pictures of the artist and their work, along with their contact information are distributed during the art show and market.
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WIASM pdf icon image 2014 Art Class Schedule for reference

WIASM pdf icon image Art Class Registration Form for reference

WIASM pdf icon image 2014 Program and Schedule for reference


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