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Woodland Indian Art Show & Market

Woodland Indian Art, Inc., strives to raise awareness of Woodland Indian art. Artists display and sell their various forms of fine art in a juried show and market.

Those Involved In The Woodland Indian Art Show Believe…

it is vital that native tribes hold onto their unique cultural identity. Too often, native culture and arts are mistakenly viewed as one culture, the same in every tribe. We strive to raise awareness of Woodland Indian art. We want people to recognize that Woodland Indian art is on a different track than Southwestern Indian art. The Woodland Indian tribes have floral, woodland animals and birds, and streams in their environment. That’s different from the Southwestern Indians who have mountains, prairies, and deserts in their surroundings.

The Woodland Indians use media such as porcupine quills, moose hair, black ash and birch baskets, flat and raised beadwork. The Oneida people have their wampum belts, raised beadwork and unique pottery designs; the Menominee have wood carvers and painters who bring out the spirit of the woods they live in; the northern Chippewas have lure carvers and birch bark art. These are just a few examples of Woodland Indian art that come together annually at the Woodland Indian Arts & Culture Festival.

By bringing Woodland Indian artists together and celebrating the many diverse native art forms and styles, we raise awareness of the distinct artistic styles of the Eastern United States and southern parts of Canada. In doing so, we also create the opportunity for economic growth for artists’ through networking and sales of their art to buyers and collectors of Native American art.


The Woodland Indian Art, Inc.

is a non-profit organization created to expand the awareness and appreciation of Woodland Indian art and culture through education, events and markets. We bring Woodland Indian artists together to showcase the distinct artistic styles and cultures of tribes from eastern United States. By growing appreciation of their diversity, we help grow their economy through the sales of their art work.

Board Members

  • President John L. Breuninger
  • Vice-PresidentEric Doxtater
  • Treasurer/SecretaryLoretta Webster
  • Rae Skenandore
  • Toni House
  • Leslie Doxtater
  • Kirby Metoxen
  • Dawn Reiter

Ex Officios

  • Paul Meinke
  • Beth Bashara

2019 marks the 13th anniversary of the Woodland Indian Art Show and Market, produced by Woodland Indian Art, Inc., and some awesome volunteers.


Our Supporters

The WIA is supported by the First Nations Development Institute’s 2017 Native Arts Initiative (NAI) grant.

The Oneida Tribe, the Oneida Nation Arts Program and the Oneida Tourism Department are generous supporters of the Art Show & Market each year. The Woodland Indian Art show & market is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin. The partnerships WIA formed with Native American Tourism Of Wisconsin (NATOW) and Wisconsin Indian Education Association (WIEA), along with our presence at their annual conferences, helped expand the activities and location of the Woodland Indian Art Show & Market. Take a moment and see what our partners have to offer at the links listed below.

We appreciate the numerous sponsors of each artist award and the many volunteers. This event could not happen without the coordination and help of many people. Art show volunteers agree it is vital that native tribes hold onto their unique cultural identity by celebrating their respective art forms and styles.